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The Palestinian polygraph – hate education and incitement

The Palestinian Authority’s school curriculum, dogmatic education system and controlled-media reflect its worldview and core values, as is the case in all non-democratic regimes.

The Palestinian school curriculum has been the most critical tool to indoctrinate and mold Palestinian youth – K through 12 – in accordance with the dominant ideology and policy of the Palestinian Authority, aiming to sustain the regime and advance its goals.

Anti-Israel and anti-Jewish themes, which have dominated the Palestinian curriculum and controlled-media, reflect the inherently primary geo-strategic goals of the Palestinian Authority.   As documented by the Palestinian curriculum, the Palestinian Authority has not been preoccupied with the size – but with the existence – of the “infidel” Jewish State in the “abode of Islam.”

For example, “Where are the cavalrymen who will dash to liberate [the Jerusalem Al Aqsa Mosque] from the fists of the infidel aides of the devil [the Jews]” (7th gradeArabic Language, volume 1, p. 66)?  “The Jews did not honor the accord [with the Prophet Muhammad] and resorted to betrayal, treachery and hostility, which forced the Moslems to fight them” (7th gradeIslamic Education, volume 1, p. 50).  “The Jews repeated their attempts to murder The Messenger [Muhammad]” (5th gradeIslamic Education, volume 2, p. 66).  “Jihad [a binding Holy War] is one of the gates to Paradise” (7th gradeArabic Language, volume 2, p.92).

The aforementioned quotes featured in a June 2018 study of over 200 Palestinian school books – many of them used in UNRWA schools – which was conducted by the veteran researcher of Palestinian curriculum, Dr. Arnon Groiss, commissioned by the Jerusalem-based “Center for Near East Policy Research” and published by Israel-based “Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center.”

According to Dr. Groiss, “A thorough examination of the new [2017] PA schoolbooks revealed that they followed three main fundamentals: the de-legitimization of Israel’s existence and the very presence of Jews in the country; the demonization of Israel and Jews; and war indoctrination instead of peace education…. None of the PA textbooks, including those used in UNRWA schools, advocates peaceful coexistence with Israel, or hints at the possibility of solving the conflict peacefully…. The new [2017] books, which have been accepted for teaching by UNRWA, are generally more radical than their predecessors…. Peaceful coexistence with Israel is not an option. Instead, a violent struggle for the liberation of Palestine in its entirety is propagated, since the original occupation of Palestine took place in 1948, not 1967….”

An April 2017 study by Hebrew University Prof. Eldad Pardo, the Research Director at the “Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se),” documents a revival of the 1974 “PLO Phased Policy” to eliminate Israel in stages through the PA curriculum: “What used to be the strategy of one extremist guerilla movement has become the standard for all Palestinian students.”

Prof. Pardo observes that Israel is defined, by Palestinian school textbooks, as “the 1948 Occupied Territories.” Therefore, “the PA educational system has created a Palestinian nationalism that is incompatible with Israel’s existence….”
Moreover, “3rd grade pupils recite from Our Beautiful Language, volume 2 p. 64: ‘I vow that I shall sacrifice my blood… will remove/eliminate the usurper from my country, and will annihilate the remnants of the foreigners….’ There is apparently no restriction on violence until the last Israeli is out of Palestine [from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean].”
Prof. Pardo notes that “the new Palestinian 1st-4th grade curriculum is significantly more radical than in previous curricula…. The struggle against Israel and its disappearance is the main theme…. Children are expendable…. Martyrs are used as examples in math classes…. Religion is clearly abused in 11th-12th grades to foment hate amid calls for eternal war in the Levant…”
Back to Dr. Groiss’ June, 2018 study: “Israel’s very establishment, in 1948, is described as occupation…. Israel is never presented as a sovereign state, neither on maps nor in texts, even within its pre-1967 boundaries (5th gradeSocial Studies, volume 1, p. 22; 4th gradeNational and Social Upbringing, volume 1, p. 7; 3rd gradeSciences and Life, volume 1, p.65).
4th graders study mathematics in the following manner (Mathematics, volume 1, p.25): “The number of martyrs during the First Intifadah [1988-92 wave of terrorism] reached 2,026; the number of martyrs during the Al Aqsa Intifadah [2000-2005 wave of terrorism] was 5,050. How many martyrs were there during the two Intifadahs?”

5th graders
 (Arabic Language, volume 2, p.51) are taught that martyrs are in the vein of “the martyr Dalal al-Mughrabi [who co-led the 1978 Palestinian assault on a public transportation bus, on Israel’s coastal highway, murdering 35 passengers and injuring 71] who painted with her struggle a picture of heroism that has made her memory eternal in our hearts and minds….” 9th graders learn in their Arabic Language book, volume 1, page 61 – which is used in UNRWA schools – that Molotov Cocktails hitting an Israeli public transportation bus produce ‘a barbecue party’….”
P.S. The Palestinian education system was instituted in 1993 by Mahmoud Abbas and Yasser Arafat – the “moderate” wing of the Palestinians….


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Palestinian school curriculum – peaceful coexistence?

Female fighters are glorified for sacrificing their sons and husbands in (Jihad) battle, as role models and as a proof that Islam ensures women’s “equality with men in sacrifice and self-sacrifice in invasions and battles” (Islamic Education, Grade 8, Card 8, Quarter 1, Semester 1, 2021–22, p. 29).

Dalal Mughrabi, the perpetrator of the 1978 terror attack on a civilian bus from Haifa to Tel Aviv – which left 38 Israelis murdered, including 13 children – is praised as a brave “female Arab jihad warrior” (Social Studies, Grade 9, Semester 1, 2021–22, p. 20).


The Palestinian Authority’s school curriculum (Please see documentation in the next section) was established in 1993 by Mahmoud Abbas, when he was Arafat’s deputy.

The school curriculum of the Palestinian Authority is the most factual description of the rogue Palestinian walk; a direct contrast to Palestinian diplomatic talk.

The school curriculum of the Palestinian Authority focusses on the pre-1967 area of Israel.

The school curriculum of the Palestinian Authority has been consistent with the 1959 Charter of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah (8 years before the “1967 War”) and the 1964 Charter of Mahmoud Abbas’ PLO (3 years before the 1967 War), before Israel regained control of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

The school curriculum of the Palestinian Authority is consistent with the anti-“infidel” precepts of Islam, aimed to eliminate the “infidel” entity in the abode of Islam and bring the “infidel” to submission.

The school curriculum of the Palestinian Authority is the most reliable expression of the deeply-rooted Palestinian vision to establish an Arab entity from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, by eliminating the “infidel” Jewish sovereignty.

The school curriculum of the Palestinian Authority is a most authentic reflection of the state of mind of the Palestinian Authority, in general, and its view of the Jewish State, in particular.

Since its establishment in 1993, the school curriculum of the Palestinian Authority – along with sermons of incitement in the mosques, public events and highlighted monuments – has shaped the state-of-mind of the Palestinian Street.

Since 1993, the Palestinian school curriculum has been the most effective production line of Palestinian terrorists.

The perpetrators of Palestinian terrorism – against rival Palestinians and against the Jewish State – represent the effectiveness of the Palestinian school curriculum as a brain-washing incubator of hatred and martyrs.

Palestinian school curriculum documented

The following January 2022 documentation of the Palestinian school curriculum was prepared by Dr Eldad Pardo of the Hebrew University, who has researched school curricula in the Palestinian Authority, Iran, the Gulf States and other Middle East entities. The report was published by The Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education.

*The 2021-22 Palestinian curriculum radicalizes anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hate and incitement.

*Jews are depicted as devious, treacherous and brutal.

*The focus of “occupation” is on the pre-1967 area of Israel, such as Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, Lod, the Galilee and the Negev.

*Israel has been entirely erased from the maps of geography and social science classes.

*Israel is described as a satanic entity, and its establishment is defined as a crime, a “racist ideology,” and a “colonial conspiracy,” which is based on “false premises.”

*Women may gain equality through sacrifice and martyrdom.

*Students are encouraged to commit acts of violence and instructed to commit Jihad (Holy War) against Israelis and die as martyrs to liberate Palestine and especially the Al Aqsa Mosque.

*Students are taught that those who die as martyrs (shuhada), while killing infidels (kuffar, i.e., Christians, Jews, polytheists), a notion described as one of the “rules of jihad,” will receive God’s grace and be greatly rewarded.

The bottom line

A peace process, on the one hand, and Palestinian school curriculum, on the other hand, constitute a classic oxymoron.

The failure to precondition negotiations with the Palestinian Authority upon the dismantling of its hate-education, has doomed negotiation to failure, while energizing terrorism.

Conducting peace negotiation with the Palestinian Authority, before the dismantling of its hate-driven school curriculum, resembles negotiating an end to drug trafficking, while tolerating the drug cartels’ penetration of the political and educational systems.

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