Video #1: The mutually-beneficial, two-way-street US-Israel ties

YouTube seminar on US-Israel and the Mideast , February 06, 2015

Video #1:; the entire video-seminar:

1. US Special Operations units on their way to Iraq and Afghanistan are trained, in Israel, by Israeli experts in tackling suicide bombers, car bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

2. In Afghanistan and Iraq, Israeli armor plating technology  installed on U.S. military vehicles minimizes US fatalities, and the innovative “Israeli bandage,” is employed to stop severe bleeding of injured US soldiers. 

3. The current F-16 fighter plane includes over 700 Israel-originated modifications, derived from Israel's Air Force battle experience, maintenance and repairs. These modifications have dramatically improved the quality and global competitiveness of the F-16, enhancing American research & development, exports and employment, yielding a mega-billion dollar bonanza to the manufacturer, General Dynamics, while advancing US national security. A similar benefit has been rendered to McDonnell Douglas, the manufacturer of the F-15. Substantial benefits are gained by the US manufacturers of the hundreds of  military and homeland security systems employed by Israel.

4. Israel is the most cost-effective, battle-tested laboratory for the US defense industry, yielding mega-bonanza to the US defense industries. 

5. Israel is to the US defense industry what a triple-A tenant is to a shopping mall – enhancing value and drawing clients.

6. According to the late Senator, Daniel Inouye, who was the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the scope of intelligence received by the US from Israel exceeds the scope of intelligence received from all NATO countries combined. General George Keegan, the former chief of the US Air Force Intelligence stated that the intelligence shared by Israel with the US was equal to five CIAs.

7. US battle tactics are formulated, at Ft. Leavenworth, KS - to a large extent - in accordance with Israel’s own battle tactics against Arab terrorism and conventional forces.

8. The US Air Force holds joint exercises with Israel's Air Force, leveraging Israel’s unique battle experience. 

9. In 1982, Israel devastated 23 most advanced Soviet surface-to-air missile batteries, deployed in Lebanon and throughout the world, and considered impregnable. Israel's battle tactics and electronic warfare were shared with the US, tilting the global balance of power in favor of the US, and providing the US defense industries with critical knowhow.

10. Israel is a strategic beachhead of the US, as demonstrated in 1981 when Israel devastated Iraq’s nuclear reactor, thus sparing the US a nuclear confrontation against Iraq in 1991. In September, 2007, Israel  destroyed Syria’s nuclear reactor, sparing the world the wrath of a rogue nuclear regime. In 2015, Israel fights anti-US Arab terrorists, who also target Americans and aim to topple pro-US regimes in Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf. 

11. The late General Alexander Haig, a former Supreme Commander of NATO and Secretary of State summed up the win-win US-Israel ties, describing Israel as "the largest US aircraft carrier, which can't be sunk, doesn't require a single American boot on board, deployed in a most critical area for US interests; and if there were not an Israel in the eastern flank of the Mediterranean, the US would've to deploy a few more aircraft carriers with thousands of US soldiers to the Mediterranean, which would've cost the US taxpayer some $15bn annually, all of which is spared by Israel."

12. Israel is, indeed, the only stable, reliable, predictable, capable, democratic and unconditional ally of the US, (which unlike Europe) is able and willing to flex its muscles.

13. The next video will expose the false notion of an “Arab demographic time bomb,” while in fact there is a Jewish demographic tailwind.