Video #4: The foundation of the special US-Israel ties

YouTube seminar on US-Israel and the Mideast , November 06, 2015

                       Video #4; Entire mini-seminar:

1. The special attitude by the American people and their representatives in both chambers of Congress toward the Jewish State transcends transient politics, geo-strategic considerations and formal agreements. It is based on lasting Judeo-Christian values, which inspired the early Pilgrims, forged the Founding Fathers’ revolution against the British crown and church and shaped the US moral, judicial and political systems.

2.  Hence, the bust of Moses facing the Speaker of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill, the several statues of Moses in the US Supreme Court, the Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol, etc. 
 The Federalist system derived its name from the Latin term, Foedus, which means “the [Biblical] covenant."  .

3. 80% of Americans define their core values as Judeo-Christian; 90% believe in God; 85% wish to preserve “In God We Trust” and “One Nation Under God.”

4. The roots of American support for the Jewish state preceded the 1948 founding of Israel, the 1939-1944 Holocaust and even the 1776 Declaration of Independence by the USA.

5. In 1492, Columbus was inspired by Noah’s Ark, the Book of Jonah, and the Patriarch Abraham’s voyage to the Promised Land, landing in America on the seventh day of the Feast of Tabernacles.

6.  In 1620 and 1630, the Pilgrims on the “Mayflower” and “Arabella” considered England the “modern day Egypt,” the Atlantic Ocean the “modern day Red Sea, landing in the “modern day Promised Land.”  Therefore, the map of the USA is replete with thousands of sites bearing Biblical names. For example, 18 Jerusalems, 32 Salems, 18 Hebrons, 24 Bethels, 61 Shilohs, 7 Bethlehems, 14 Canaans, 9 Carmels, 38 Goshens, 4 Rehoboths, and 6 Mount Zions, etc.

7.  The 1752-erected Liberty Bell bears this inscription from Leviticus 25:10: “Proclaim liberty throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof.”
8. The Founding Fathers considered themselves to be "the people of the modern-day-Covenant." George Washington and John Adams were referred to as Moses and Joshua.  Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, proposed a Passover theme for the official US seal: the Pillar of Fire leading Moses and the Israelites through the Red Sea, while Pharaoh’s chariots drowned in the Sea.

9. Thomas Paine’s January 10, 1776 
“Common Sense” cemented the rebellion against Britain, stating: “For the will of the Almighty as declared by Gideon, and the prophet Samuel, expressly disapproves of government by kings….”  

10. Harriet Tubman, who freed Black slaves on the Underground Railroad, was named "Mama Moses." The most famous spiritual, "Go Down, Moses" was considered the National Anthem of Black slaves.
"Let my people

11. The official US Seal (which appears on the one dollar bill) features thirteen stars, representing the thirteen original colonies, in the shape of a Star of David above the eagle. The official seals of Yale University, Columbia University and Dartmouth College bear key Hebrew Biblical terms.
12. President Reagan stated: "Since the exodus from Egypt, historians have written of those who sacrificed and struggled for freedom.” In January 2001, Senator Mitch McConnell introduced President Bush at a Senate luncheon: “We trust that you shall lead us in the best tradition of Joshua and Caleb.”
13. President Obama justified his decision to act unilaterally in deferring deportation of up to five million illegal immigrants: "Scripture [Exodus 22:21, Leviticus 19:34 and Deuteronomy 10:19] tells us that we shall not oppress a stranger, for we were strangers once, too."  
14. The liberal Democrat Senator Tom Harkin, celebrated the passage of Obama Care, December 24, 2009: "In Biblical terms, Majority Leader Harry Reid has the patience of Job, endurance of Samson and wisdom of Solomon."

15. The bust of Judah the Maccabee is displayed in West Point Military Academy's Headquarters Building along with the busts of Joshua, David, Alexander the Great, Hector, Julius Caesar, King Arthur, Charlemagne and Godfrey of Bouillon - 
The Nine Worthies." 

16. US-Israel relations have produced a multitude of short-term tensions and crises, rectified and rebounding rapidly, due to the unique tissue of bilateral ties, nurtured by the foundation of long-term, unique, shared Judeo-Christian values.

17. The next video will refute the assumption that the Palestinian issue is a crown-jewel of Arab policy-makers.