Terrorism in Jerusalem and US-Israel relations

IBA TV News (English), November 18, 2014


In order to combat Palestinian terrorism, Israel should focus on offense and not on defense, on draining the swamp (hate education) rather than chasing the individual mosquitos (terrorisits).

Hate education is the most effective production line of potential terrorists.
The US Administration may not agree to Israel's counter-terrorism, as it was in 1981, when the US Administration punished Israel for destroying the Iraqi nuclear reactor.
Draining the Palestinian swamp of hate-education would advance the interest of most Palestinians who reject terrorism, corruption and oppression, but are too weak to oppose the Palestinian Authority.

The Congressional funding of the Palestinian terrorism - which bankrolls hate education - on the one hand, and American core values on the other hand, constitutes oxymoron.  

Palestinian hate education on the one hand, and peaceful coexistence on the other hand, constitutes a most egregious oxymoron.