Israeli bombing Syria enhanced US national security, February 14, 2018

The February 10, 2018 Israeli Air Force operation highlighted the US-Israel mutually-beneficial, two-way-street.  

US Palestinian policy – water or gasoline?, February 08, 2018

Pursuing the two-state-solution would repeat errors of recent US Presidents, who attempted to extinguish fire with gasoline, not water.

President Trump’s security strategy: the impact on Israel, December 21, 2017

President Trump’s national security strategy reflects a realistic assessment of clear and present threats to the US, rejecting the politically-correct worldview of the foreign policy establishment.

Relocating US Embassy to Jerusalem – US interest!

The Ettinger Report, December 06, 2017

Relocating the US Embassy to Jerusalem reflects a determination to avoid repeated errors.

Palestinian state – enhancing or eroding US national security?, November 17, 2017

The assessment of the potential impact of the proposed Palestinian state on US national security should be based on documented Palestinian walk, not on Palestinian talk.

President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu meeting in NYC

The Land of Israel Network, Josh Hasten, , September 18, 2017

The potential of US-Israel strategic cooperation is higher than anytime before. 

The pitfalls of another well-intentioned US peace initiative

"Mishpacha" weekly, , September 01, 2017

Well-intentioned US peace initiatives, which overlook Middle East complexities, intra-Arab non-peaceful-existence and Palestinian hate-education, are doomed to exacerbate reality.

US anti-Semitism superseded by civic foundations

"Israel Hayom,", August 25, 2017

Contrary to European anti-Semitism, the recent episodes of anti-Semitism in the US represent a negligible American minority, religiously, socially, ethnically and politically.

US pressure on Israel? No need to panic!

“Israel Hayom,”, June 26, 2017

In retrospect, US pressure over the last 69 years has resembled bumps on the road of staggering, mutually-beneficial US-Israel cooperation, exceeding expectations. 

The June 1967 Six Day War - mega bonus to the USA

“Israel Hayom,” , May 24, 2017

The expanded strategic cooperation between Israel and the USA, as well as Israel, Saudi Arabia and other pro-US Arab Gulf States in 2017 has its roots in the June, 1967 Six Day War.

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