Into the Fray: Stupid, Seditious or Suicidal?

Jerusalem Post, , June 21, 2012


The entire edifice of conventional wisdom regarding the Arab-
Israel conflict is collapsing. The bedrock upon which the traditional approaches to a resolution of Middle East hostilities are based is crumbling, the fabric of accepted thinking unraveling.

The folly of a deal on the Golan with the Assad regime, the absurdity of an agreement with the unelected Fatah regime, the myopia of reliance on the durability of the peace with Egypt are all becoming increasingly obvious.

Yet to judge from the public discourse on developments in the Middle East it seems that nothing has changed....

Take for instance Dennis Ross’s latest “contribution” at this week’s Presidential Conference in Jerusalem – where he prescribed that Israel should not only undermine its security, but its economy as well, “to restore belief in a two-state solution....”

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