Another Wave of Acquisition of Israeli Companies

Straight from the Jerusalem Boardroom #153, June 21, 2011

1. Intel plans a $4.8BN expansion of its Israeli operations, applying for a $600MN grant from the Israeli government.  Since 1999, Intel  invested $10BN in its four Israeli R & D centers and two manufacturing plants (7,300 workers), exportinAg $20BN out of Israel, $2.7BN export in 2010 alone (Globes, June 17, 2011).

Marvell announced a $200MN investment in its (1,200 employees) Israeli Research & Development center

GE invests $4MN, establishing its 8th R&D center in Israel, focusing on medical, water and green technologies (Globes, June 14).

In 2010, Eric Schmidt, former Google's CEO and currently Google's Executive Chairman, established a personally-owned VC fund, Innovation Endeavors. Ten investments were made, mostly in the Silicon Valley and in Israel.

2.   The Dallas-based DG acquired Israel's MediaMind for $517MN (Globes June 17).  The London-based global private equity fund, Premiera is acquiring 61% of Israel's Netafim for $520MN (Globes, June 13). Palo Alto-based VMware acquired Israel's DigitalFuel for $85MN, its second Israeli acquisition (Globes, June 15). The Irvine-based Broadcom acquired Israel's SCsquare for $42MN and the Tempe-based Limelight Networks acquired Israel's AcceloWeb for $25MN (Globes, May 12).  The New York-based CVCI private equity fund acquired Israel's Ness for $307MN (June 13).  The Chicago-based Merge Healthcare acquired Israel's OIS for $30MN (Globes, June 7).  The Palo Alto-based Jive Software acquired Israel's OffiSync for $30MN (Globes, May 24).  Germany's BrainLab acquired Israel's Voyant Health for $10MN (Globes, June 10). The Silicon Valley-based Pixim acquired Israel's Advasense for a few million dollars (Globes, June 16)

3.  The Menlo Park-based Greylock Partners established its 2nd $200MN Israel-dedicated VC fund (Globes, May 27).  Chinese investors invested $88MN in CI Gate, an Israeli VC fund, promoting Chinese investments in Israeli companies (Globes, June 17).  Israel's OrboTech raised $84MN on NASDAQ (Globes, May 26). The Boston-based Battery Ventures led a $14MN 2nd round of private placement by Israel's XtremIO (Globes, June 7). The Chicago-based Vernon & Park led a $9MN 3rd round of private placement by Israel's Correlix (Globes, May 23).  The Menlo Park-based Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson (DFJ) led a $7MN investment in Israel's Do@ (Globes, May 25).  The Menlo Park-based Sequoia Partners led a $6.5MN 1st round of private placement by Israel's Personetics (Globes, May 24).  The $11.6BN Nvidia invested $2.5MN in Israel's RockTick (Globes, May 31).