November 2004: The USA Turns Rightward

Ynet Hebrew Edition, November 04, 2004

Has Israel studied the lessons of the 2004 presidential and congressional election?  The US electorate has accorded President Bush, and the Republican party, a victory with unexpected proportion.  For the first time since 1988, an-elected president has received a majority of the electorate, winning the largest ever number of votes, 59 million, achieving and expanding majority in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.  The Republican party has widened its majority – which has been retained since 1994 - in the Senate to 55 (out of 100) senators and in the House to 233 (out of 435) Representatives.


The GOP victory highlights the upgrading of the conservative wing of the Republican party in particular and in the US society in general.  The outcome of the election  reflects the deepening wedge between the surging South and rural-micropolitan USA on one hand and the backsliding East and West coasts and urban-metropolitan USA on the other hand.


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The results of the November 2004 election to the White House and Congress mirror the unprecedented support in the US – since 9/11 – for an Israeli policy, which would be based on roots, values, tradition, patriotism and relentless and non-compromising war on terrorism.  Is Israel's government willing to leverage the huge potential of goodwill and refrain from sweeping and lethal concessions, or is it determined to congratulate President Bush the winner, but implement the policy of Kerry the loser?!