A Hawkish Washington Welcome to Sharon

Ynet Hebrew Edition, May 06, 2002

94 – out of 100 - Senators and 352 – out of 435 - House Members welcome Israel's Prime Minister with a loud and a clear message, which reverberates in the Washington corridors of power: The Administration may threaten to pressure Israel, but it does not have the support to implement the threat. The unusually large majority has approved last week a joint resolution – supported by Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, doves and hawks – which highlights the mutual struggle against terrorism, which was forced upon the US and Israel.  The resolution condemns Palestinian political terrorism, led by Arafat. 


Prime Minister Sharon is welcome by the most hawkish and supportive Congress since 1948, which has displayed suspicion, reservations or enmity toward the Oslo Process, the UN, the PLO/PA, Arab countries and any form of global involvement by the US. 


Congress has not viewed Israel as a classic foreign policy issue.  Congress has considered the Jewish State a domestic and an external issue of values, religion and national security.  A marble replica of Moses' head is placed at the House of Representatives.  A Star of David – consisting of the 13 stars of the original colonies - is featured in the US Seal, just above the head of the eagle. This is in line with the spirit of the Founding Fathers, who were students of the Old Testament, and some of whom studied Hebrew.


The House Majority Leader, Dick Armey, has urged Israel to annex Judea & Samaria.  The House Majority Whip – who is the most influential legislator in Congress -  declared: I was in Judea&Samaria and in the Golan Heights, and could not see any occupied Territory, only Israeli territories.  He went on to state that "Isreal's war is our war…Democracies should not negotiate with terrorists." Both Armey and DeLay represent the hawkish wing of the Republican Party demonstrate the wide gap between the world view of most legislators and that of the Department of State.


Contrary to the Knesset, The US legislature constitutes an arm of government, which is equal to the Executive.