Israel – The Unique Ally,7340,L-4030523,00.html, February 19, 2011

The seismic developments in Egypt and throughout the Arab Middle East highlight Israel's unique contribution to vital US interests. 

Impact of Mideast Turmoil on Israel's Security Requirements,7340,L-4025665,00.html, February 09, 2011

The dramatic developments in Tunisia and Egypt – and the potential regional destabilizing ripple effects which could dwarf the Egyptian upheaval – have a dramatic impact on the state of national and regional security, and therefore have dramatic consequences upon national and regional security requirements.

The Tunisia – Mideast - Judea and Samaria Connection,7340,L-4017059,00.html, January 22, 2011

The Tunisian turmoil – and its potential ripple effects - reaffirm the critical significance of the Judea and Samaria mountain ridges to the national security and survival of the Jewish State. 

Attention United States Congress!,7340,L-4013700,00.html, January 16, 2011

Over 60% of Palestinian Authority's GNP comes from US, EU, UN, World Bank. "Donations go toward entrenchment of government institutions instead of development of infrastructure, industry, human capital," say research authors, economic analyst Eyal Ofer and President of Financial Immunities consulting firm Adam Roiter.

Israel's Moral High Ground,7340,L-4011234,00.html, January 10, 2011

Since Oslo, 1993, the case of the Jewish State has highlighted Israel's pursuit of peace and security, while downplaying the right/deed of the Jewish People to its historical homeland.  A resounding rebuke of David Ben Gurion, the Laborite Founding Father of the Jewish State and its first Prime Minister, who stated: "He who abandons his past, forfeits his future" ("Notes on Zionism," pp. 1-5, 1947).

Beware of Palestinians Bearing Demographic Numbers,7340,L-4008247,00.html , January 03, 2011

Israeli demographers and politicians do not examine, or doubt, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, "since the PCBS is credible, professional and supervised by Norway and the UN."  Really?!

Wiki-Leaks and Obama is Exposed,7340,L-3996770,00.html, December 07, 2010

Recently published Wikileaks documents expose the failure of President Obama's counter-terrorism policy.

While reaffirming a 1,400 years old Muslim track record, the documents refute Obama's fundamental assumptions, which have shaped his counter-terrorism policy: that the Palestinian issue is a root cause of Middle East turbulence and anti-Western terrorism; that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are allies of the US; that there is no Islamic terrorism since Islam promotes peace and not terrorism; that there is no Jihadist terrorism since Jihad is a process which purifies the soul; that there is no global terrorism; that Islamic terrorists represent a Muslim minority which rejects modernity and that Islam has always been part of the American story.

Does the Freeze-Deal Make Sense?,2506,L-3987292,00.html, November 21, 2010

If Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria prejudges the outcome of negotiation, wouldn't Palestinian construction in Judea and Samaria have the same effect?!
If the uprooting of Jewish communities advances peace, why would the uprooting of Arab communities undermine peace?! 

America Targeted by Autocratic Islamic Regimes,2506,L-3983500,00.html, November 12, 2010

The USA is justly perceived as the role-model for democracy: freedom of expression, religion, movement, media, Internet and election. Therefore, the USA is perceived as a lethal threat by Muslim regimes in the Middle East, all of which are autocratic, representing an ethnic minority (or a military clique), suppressing the majority and fearing democracy.

An American Political Earthquake,7340,L-3978980,00.html, November 03, 2010

The November, 2010 mid-term election produced a seismic political effect:  the widest Congressional and Gubernatorial victory since 1948, eroding Obama's

political clout, and increasing the number of pro-Israel legislators. 

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