How to Survive Violence? Let's Turn the Clock Forward

"Makor Rishon" Weekly, November 24, 2000

The unprecedented deterioration of the personal and national security in Jerusalem, Galilee, Acre, Jaffa, Negev and Netzarim, is the direct and lethal outcome of the Oslo Process.  The rectification of the erosion in Israel’s national and personal security is preconditioned upon the annulling – and not just suspension – of the Oslo Process.  The suspension of the Process has been suggested by spineless politicians. But, it would not solve the security problem; it would only postpone the end…


The Oslo Process was initiated in 1993, a year and a half following the victory over the previous Intifada, which was fought with rocks rather than with firearms.  A proper due-diligence of the Oslo Process reveals that is has not been a peace process.  Rather, it has been a process of gradual elimination of the Jewish State.


For instance, the Oslo Process was supposed to nurture mutual trust between Israelis and Palestinians.  In fact, the Process has become a fertile ground for a systematic and a brutal violation of all PLO commitments, with the scandalous acquiescence of all Israeli prime ministers since 1993.  The Process was intended to resolve security problems, eliminate terrorism and advance the cause of peace.  Actually, it has exacerbated the security predicament, has facilitated terrorism to an unprecedented scope, has undermined the cause of peace and has intensified the threat of a war with the Arabs in Israel, with the Palestinians and with the Arab States.  The Oslo Process was supposed to bolster Israel’s security, but has lethally eroded Israel’s own confidence in its own military capabilities (as if there’s no military solution to PLO terrorism, in spite of the fact that the previous Intifada was defeated militarily).  It has also eroded Israel’s power of deterrence and the steadfastness of the politicians who have “led” Israel since 1993.


The erosion of Israel’s power of deterrence and steadfastness capabilities – which are at the foundation of personal and national security - has been deepened simultaneously with the erosion of Israel’s Red Lines.  The Process has perpetrated the illusion that concessions and appeasement could substitute military deterrence in the Mideast, the most violent neighborhood in the world.  The Oslo Process was intended to enhance Israel’s standing internationally.  Instead, it has transformed Israel from the role-model of defiance of terrorism and principled-tenacity in face of threats, into a role model of submission to terrorism, retreat in face of threats and “pragmatic” withdrawal from principles.  The Oslo Process was supposed to improve the overall Israeli state-of-mind, but in fact it has shattered self-confidence, has distanced the Jewish State from roots, values and Mideast reality and has weakened Individual commitment to the Collective.


In order to bolster personal and national security – which are the most essential prerequisites for peace – one must turn the clock forward and to resurrect Israel’s posture of deterrence.  The problem is not merely local and military; it is primarily systemic and political.  In order to resurrect Israel’s posture of deterrence, one must defeat the PLO and to accept the fact that the PLO has not been a partner for peace negotiation.  Such a step would terminate the Oslo Process.  On the other hand, Prime Minister Barak’s commitment to the Oslo Process precludes a military victory over the PLO.  Moreover, the reluctance to defeat the PLO is perceived as weakness, is therefore radicalizing PLO and Arab expectations, resulting in more casualties and gradually dooming the Jewish State.  The Oslo Process must be terminated, before it terminates the Jewish State.