The 2014 Six-Year-Itch Election

“Israel Hayom”,, August 23, 2013

President Obama’s maneuverability, domestically and internationally, will depend on the outcome of the very critical November, 2014 six-year- itch election campaign

Israel’s Bad Neighborhood

“Israel Hayom”, , August 09, 2013

Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria have demonstrated that the Arab Street is experiencing an Arab Tsunami and a transition towards intensified chaos.

Releasing Terrorists: Water or Fuel to the Fire of Terrorism

“Israel Hayom”, , August 02, 2013

The Head of Israel’s Security Services, Yoram Cohen, stated that 60% of released Palestinian terrorists revert to operational terrorism.

Renewed Peace Process: Foreign Assistance, Pressure and Settlements

"Israel Hayom" TV,, July 21, 2013

Peaceful coexistence on the one hand, and the uprooting of Jews or Arabs on the other hand, constitutes a classic oxymoron.

European Sanctions – The Israeli Test

“Israel Hayom”, , July 19, 2013

Giving in to European pressure would reward Europe, which violates economic sanctions against Iran, while imposing sanctions on Israel, the only unconditional ally of the Free World.

Illusive Middle East agreements – the Taqiyya concept

“Israel Hayom”,, July 12, 2013

The “Taqiyya” concept constitutes Islam-sanctioned dissimulation, deception and concealment of inconvenient data, aimed at shielding Islam and “believers” from “infidels” and hostile Muslims.

Secretary Kerry’s Initiative and Middle East Reality

“Israel Hayom”, , July 05, 2013

John Kerry, the well-intentioned US Secretary of State, just paid his fifth visit – since February – to the Middle East, preoccupying himself with the Palestinian issue, which is a sideshow in the volcanic Middle East

US Interests, Energy Independence and Israel

“Israel Hayom”, , June 22, 2013

US energy independence would be a game-changer in the international arena, constituting an effective shock-absorber for the US and its allies.

$4 billion to the Palestinian Authority? Not by Arabs!

“Israel Hayom”, , June 09, 2013

While Kerry considers the Palestinian issue to be central to Middle East developments and the crown-jewel of Arab policy-making, the Arab oil-producing countries shower the PA with rhetoric, but no money.

Enhanced US-Israel Ties - Deeply Rooted

“Israel Hayom”, , May 31, 2013

The special ties between the US and the Jewish State are uniquely driven by people-to-people, bottom-up relationship, shaped by the American public more than by the American government. 

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