Video #20: The volcano of Islam-driven terrorism

Video#20:; entire video-seminar:, September 23, 2016

1. Islam-driven terrorism has dominated the history of Islam, beginning with the murder of three of the first four Caliphs, who succeeded Muhammed: Umar ibn Abd al-Khattab (644 AD), Uthman Ibn Affan (656 AD) and Ali ibn Abi Talib (661 AD).  Islamic terrorism has been one of the most active volcanoes - domestically, regionally and globally - since the initial eruption of the Islamic lava in the 7th century. Historically, all Arab regimes have achieved, sustained and eventually lost power through domestic violence, subversion or terrorism.

2. The lava of Islam-driven terrorism has consumed mostly Muslims in the abode of Islam, but - irrespective of Israeli policies and the Palestinian issue - it aims to sweep the abode of the “infidel,” and is currently spreading into the streets of the USA, Europe, Russia, China, India, Africa, Asia and Australia.  
3. Currently, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Libya have become major platforms of Islamic terrorism and battlegrounds of rival Islamic terror organizations. All pro-US Arab regimes such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE face clear and present lethal Islamic terror threats.
4. Iran and Saudi Arabia – the two leading world bankers of Islamic terrorism – confront each other militarily, economically, ideologically and religiously. The House of Saud has realized the self-destructive nature of its substantial support of Islamic terrorism.
5. Islam-driven terrorism has been nurtured by the recent Arab Tsunami, which has intensified the 1,400-year-old intra-Muslim fragmentation, unpredictability, instability, intolerance, subversion, terrorism and the impermanent nature of Islamic regimes, their policies and agreements.
6. Contrary to conventional “wisdom”, the fourteen centuries of volcanic Islam-driven terrorism has not been triggered by social and economic deprivation, but by the megalomaniacal, supremacist, intolerant, anti-democratic, repressive, non-negotiable and eternal aspiration – led by educated Islamic “elites” - to force the world of the “infidel” and the “apostate” to submit to Islam, the only “legitimate” religion, divinely ordained to rule the world.
7. According to the Qur’an, Islam is the only worthy/legitimate successor to Abrahamic and Mosaic Judaism. Thus, the subordination of humanity to the legacy of Muhammed should be achieved, preferably, via nonviolent means (da’wah), deceit/doubletalk (Taqiyya’) and immigration (Hijra’’). But, in face of defiant “infidels” and “apostates,” the “believers” must resort to non-merciful violence (jihad), subversion, breach of international accords and terrorism.
8. Unlike the Western definition of terrorism (the deliberate and systematic targeting of civilians), the Qur’anic definition of terrorist (irhab) is the derivative of the verb arhaba (to terrify, scare), which is a tactic employed against the “infidel,” in order to advance the goals of Islam (Qur’an, Sura 8, verse 60). The Islamic bottom line is that “there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.”
9. As demonstrated by the 1,400 year old track record of Islamic violence, terrorism and lack of intra-Muslim peaceful coexistence, Islam has never considered itself to be “a religion of peace” as defined by Western dictionaries and political-correctness. According to Muhammad’s legacy, the term salam – a derivative of the same root as Islam - is employed when addressing fellow Muslims, but not when addressing non-Muslims, unless constrained by temporary military, economic or political inferiority.  
10. Furthermore, Arab/Muslim societies invoke Quranic verses and Islamic historical precedents as guidelines for contemporary, daily, personal, tribal, regional and national conduct. For example, Qur’an, Sura 20, verses 47 -48 state that “Peace be on whoever follows the guidance [of Allah]… and punishment shall afflict those who deny and turn their back [on Allah].” Thus, salam is reserved only for those who submit/surrender themselves to Islam, while those who renege on their commitment to Islam are doomed. Moreover, any agreement with the “infidel” is defined as sulh, hudna’, a tenuous truce of limited duration, until the balance of power facilitates total submission of the “infidel” to Islam.
11.  According to Hebrew University Prof. Moshe Sharon, a world renowned authority on Islam, "Islam came to being as a fighting religion…. Mohammed imposed his authority by means of his military strength… Islam was born in order to rule, as is only fitting for the religion of Allah which is one and exclusive…. The laws of Jihad form the basis of the relations between the Muslim world and the West…. The only possible relations between Muslims and non-Muslims are war or a limited ceasefire…. Jihad is the strategy and, therefore, agreements are a [tactical] interlude in the war [against the infidel]…. An agreement which contains anything beyond a limited armistice or ceasefire is [either provisional or] null and void.”
12. These Islamic principles have been promoted – in Muslim and Western countries - by Muslim educators and Imams in mosques, kindergartens, schools, civic organizations and the prison systems, which have become the most effective generators of terrorists.
13. The next video will highlight Islamic terrorism in host – non Muslim – countries.