Leadership Crisis in Israel

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #183, August 26, 2005

1. LEADERSHIP is measured - primarily - by character (e.g. faith, integrity, humility, morality, compassion), backbone in face of pressure and temptation, long-term strategic goals, conviction (and not convenience)-driven policies.

2.  LEADERS are ready to sacrifice personal and short term political (and international relations) convenience on the altar of long term strategic national interests.

3.  LEADERS do not follow polls and do not seek personal or national popularity; they shape polls and they seek respect for their nation.

4.  LEADERS shape their tactics in accordance with long term strategic goals; they do not engage in strategy-de-jour.

5.  LEADERS recognize pressures, and adopt tactics to pressures; they do not alter strategy in face of pressures and temptations.

6.  LEADERS shy away from "pragmatism", when it's a code word for opportunism, vacillation and cynicism; they demonstrate ideology/principle-driven pragmatism.

7.  LEADERS do not let their policy be guided by fear of terrorism and demography; they crash terrorism and they highlight ALIYA AS A TOP PRIORITY.

8.  LEADERS do not complain to the US/UN about terrorism and do not subcontract counter-terrorism to a third party; they take matters into their own hands.

9.  LEADERS do not co-exist - and do not conclude ceasefire - with terrorist regimes; they demolish terrorist regimes via military (and not political) options.

10.  LEADERS do not merely deter terrorism and retaliate; they prevent terrorist attacks by destroying the political, financial, ideological and operational infrastructure of terrorism.

11.  LEADERS realize that concessions, retreat, restraint, surgical operations and war-of-low-intensity in face of terrorism, rewards and exacerbate terrorism.

12.  LEADERS understand that defiance of international pressure - accompanied by a resolute military action - triggers short term punishment but enhances long term strategic esteem.

13.  LEADERS know that the crippling - and not the accommodation - of terrorism is a bonus to long term economic growth.

14.  THE JEWISH STATE IS AT A CRITICAL CROSSROAD. It could lead to oblivion (should we proceed with the Oslo-Wye-Road Map-"Disengagement" course) or to revival (should we realize that the Jewish State requires a drastic change of direction).

15.  THE 1993-2005 "LEADERSHIP" HAS LED THE JEWISH STATE ASTRAY.  It resembles the lethal combination of the "Ship of Fools" and the "Titanic".

16.  ISRAEL HAS BEEN HIJACKED BY MEDIOCRE "PRECINCT BOSSES", who are preoccupied with immediate political survival, rather than with morality and with the long term strategic interests of the Jewish People and the Jewish State (history, vision, global and regional world view, etc.).

17.  THE PREREQUISITE FOR AVOIDING OBLIVION requires a dramatic change of direction (120-180 degrees), morally, structurally and operationally, as far as (Jewish/Zionist) education system, political system (separation of powers, checks and balances, centrality of constituents, etc.) and national security are concerned.

18.  LEADERS learn from history by avoiding – and not by repeating – recent cardinal errors, which have plagued the Jewish State since the conclusion of the 1993 Oslo Accord.