Israeli Jews Equally Divided on “Disengagement”

straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #175, April 10, 2005

1. ISRAELI JEWS ARE EQUALLY DIVIDED ON "DISENGAGEMENT", according to "Geocartography", a leading Israeli polling firm ("Globes" Business Daily, April 1, 2005).  While Israeli Jews support "Disengagement" by a 58%:32% margin, a PARITY (43%:43%) is reached in response to the following question: "Would you support/oppose disengagement, should you know that it would lead to escalated Palestinian terrorism, and that the US would not condone Israeli sovereignty in major settlement blocs?"  PARITY was achieved, although the very Dovish Israeli media allowed proponents to dominate the public debate, marginalizing the voice of the opponents. A major information gap exists (on "Disengagement"), and the May 2004 Likud referendum suggests that most Undecided Votes (14%) would join the opponents when provided the information. Previous polls concluded that all opponents to "Disengagement" would cast a vote should there be a referendum, while 20% of the proponents may not.  According to "Geocartography", Israeli-Arabs do not poll as a bloc.


2.  POST-"DISENGAGEMENT" PALESTINIAN TERRORISM WOULD ESCALATE and ABU MAZEN DOES NOT COMBAT TERRORISM, according to Israel's outgoing Chairman of the Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff, General Yaalon and former Prime Minister Barak.  The PA and Hamas have leveraged the current "ceasefire" to upgrade the range/precision of their missiles and mortars, to manufacture more terrorist hardware and to smuggle - compliment of Egypt - more advanced military systems, including anti-aircraft missiles.  Anti-US and anti-Jewish hate-education in PA schools, mosques and media - which was installed by Abu Mazen and Arafat - persists in manufacturing future homicide bombers.  In anticipation of escalated terrorism, Israel is bolstering anti-missile defense in Ashqelon and other towns adjacent to Gaza. 31 mortar shells hit Jewish communities in Gaza on Saturday, April 9, 2005 - a prelude to the post-"Disengagement" storm. 


3.  "DISENGAGEMENT UNDERMINES NEGOTIATION (why would Arabs negotiate if they can snatch territory via terrorism?!), PEACE (a prerequisite for Mideast peace is deterrence, which is undermined by cut&run) and MODERATION (why would moderate Palestinians stick their neck out, when the rogue PA regime is appeased?!).


4.  US CALL FOR CONSTRUCTION FREEZE IS MORALLY AND STRATEGICALLY WRONG.  It contrasts a major claim by "Disengagement" proponents, who assume that the President has recognized Israel's sovereignty over major blocs of settlements. It rewards Palestinian terrorists, punishes Israeli victims and generates tailwind to regional anti-US terrorism.  If the Administration has negotiation - rather than imposed solution - in mind, why would construction in Arab communities be natural, while construction in Jewish communities pre-judge the outcome of negotiation?! If evenhandedness (between terrorists and counter-terrorists???) is in place, why would a construction freeze be imposed on one side only?!


5.  Palestinian terrorism has targeted, mostly, pre-1967 Israel.  IDF presence in/around Gaza protects, mostly, pre-1967 Israel.  The 1994 "Disengagement" from 100% of Gaza's Arabs and 85% of Gaza's territory, created the largest terrorist base in the Mideast, thus tripling IDF personnel in the area.


6.  "Disengagement" provides tailwind to regional anti-US terrorism, ignoring a fundamental lesson: "Throwing a piece of flash to sharks doesn't slow them down..."