Impact of Israel’s “Disengagement” (uprooting Jewish communities) from Gaza on US Interests

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #180, July 15, 2005

1. Congressional oversight requires an examination (hearing) of the impact of Israel’s “disengagement” (retreat) from terrorist strongholds in Gaza and Samaria on US interests in general and on the safety of US GIs in Iraq/Afghanistan in particular.


2. The July 2000 “disengagement” from Lebanon boosted Hizballah terror to regional prominence, currently haunting US GIs in Afghanistan and in Iraq.


3. The 1994-98 “disengagements” from 85% of Gaza and 40% of Judea&Samaria created the largest terror base in the world, a platform and a tailwind to regional anti-US terrorism. Palestinian terrorists face the US in Iraq/Afghanistan.


4. The 1994-98 “disengagements” bolstered the PLO/PA, the arch lethal enemy of the pro-US Hashemite regime in Jordan.


5. The 1995 “disengagement” from Bethlehem doomed its Christians to PLO/PA oppression, accelerating Christian flight (from a 70% majority to a 20% minority).


6. “Disengagement” would transfer control of Gaza’s sea and air ports to the PLO/PA - the sustained ally of Iran, Russia, China and No. Korea - enhancing their strategic posture in the eastern flank of the Mediterranean.


7. “Disengagement” would reward the PA - a platform to pro-Saddam elements.


8. “Disengagement” would drag the US into inevitable Egypt-Israel diplomatic and military conflicts.


9. "Disengagement" would be perceived, by Palestinians, as a boost to the rogue PA regime, discouraging Palestinian reformists and moderates.


10. “Disengagement” (retreat) would reward terrorists and undermine deterrence and negotiation in the Mideast, where the only peace possible is deterrence-driven.


11. The 1993-2001 anti-US wave of Islamic terrorism was fueled by the 1979, 1983 and 1993 US “disengagements” from Teheran, Beirut and Mogadishu.



12. President Bush opposes the “disengagement” (retreat) concept (June 28, 2005): “They think that they can force us to retreat; they are mistaken…We either deal with terrorism abroad, or we deal with them when it comes to us…”


13. “Disengagement” and US interests constitute an oxymoron! The time to examine the impact of Israel's "disengagement" on US interests is before – and not after – its consequences burden US GIs.