(Passover's hymn) How Many Good Qualities Underline US-Israel Special Ties?

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #176, April 19, 2005

If the 17th century Puritans in the Colonies had only respected the Old Testament, but had not been more Talmudic than many American Rabbis, Daye'noo (It would've sufficed);


If the Puritans had only been more Talmudic than many American Rabbis, but John Locke - who inspired the Founding Fathers and read Hebrew - had not tried to make the Laws of Moses the law of the land, Daye'noo (It would've sufficed); 


If John Locke had tried to make the Laws of Moses the law of the land (and enticed Jews to come to So. Carolina, which he co-founded), but Harvard University had not required - during its first hundred years - Hebrew studies in order to get a degree, Daye'noo;


If Harvard U had required Hebrew studies, and if Yale U had chosen the High Jewish Priest Seal as its own Seal ("Oorim veToomim" in Hebrew letters), but the authors of the US Constitution had not been invigorated - also - by Moses, Aharon, Joshua and Samuel when highlighting Liberty, Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances, Daye'noo;


If the US Founding Fathers had been inspired by the Old Testament, and Jefferson had proposed the parting of the sea as the official Seal of the US, but the Liberty Bell had not been inscribed with Leviticus 25:10 ("Proclaim Liberty upon all its inhabitants thereof"), Daye'noo;


If the Liberty Bell had been inscribed with Leviticus 25:10, and Moses and the Ten Commandments had featured at the ceiling of the US Supreme Court, but Lowell Thomas - the radio icon - would not have stated on May 15, 1948: "Americans read the Old Testament as a background for this historical day [Independence of the Jewish State]," Daye'noo;


If Lowell Thomas had expressed America's solidarity with the re-birth of the Jewish State, but General Omar Bradley, then Chmn of the Joint C-o-S, had not contended in 1952 that Israel should have a special role in defense of the eastern Mediterranean, Daye'noo;


If General Bradley had highlighted Israel's potential strategic contribution to the US, as vindicated by the Six Day War (a USSR nightmare), but Israel had not snatched in 1970 the chestnuts out of the fire for the US (rolling back Syria's invasion of Jordan, which could have engulfed Saudi Arabia, while the US was bogged down in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia), Daye'noo;


If Israel had snatched the Jordanian chestnuts out of the Syrian fire for the US, and if Israel had been the role-model of countering-terrorism when pulling off the 1976 Entebbe/Jonathan Operation, but had not destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor, Daye'noo;


If Israel had destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 - thus facilitating a US conventional option against Iraq in 1991, sparing the US the cost of a nuclear confrontation - but had not introduced over 600 modifications into the latest generation of the F-16 (generating jobs, exports and national security for the US), Daye'noo;


If Israel had upgraded multitude of US military systems, but had not been (as suggested by Al Haig) the largest US Aircraft Carrier which can never be sunk and doesn't require a single US serviceman, and had not contributed to the US (as suggested by Senator Inouye) more intelligence than all NATO countries combined, and had not produced for the US (as suggested by Air Force General John Keegan)  as much intelligence as five CIAs, Daye'noo;


If Israel had been a unique strategic ally, but had not shared with the US vital technologies in the areas of homeland security, commercial, defense and agro Industries (enhancing US competitive edge in the global market), Daye'noo.


How unique are the ties between Judeo-Christian USA and the Jewish State, founded upon shared long-term Judeo-Christian values (rather than short-term interests), and upgraded through joint-interests (stability, peace), mutual-threats (Islamic terrorism) and partnership-in-grief (the Columbia Shuttle tragedy)?!