Disengagement from Gaza and Northern Samaria: Liability or Asset?

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #169, October 20, 2004

1. Missile Threat Exacerbated. The deeper the disengagement, the larger the Palestinian production, upgrading and smuggling of weaponry, ammunition, explosives and missiles of enhanced range and precision.  A year ago, Palestinian missiles hit Jewish communities in Gaza, this year they hit Sderot and the northern Negev and very soon they will be able to hit the power station of Ashqelon and the port of Ashdod. The cut & run and the uprooting of Jewish communities would expand Palestinian missile arena into Judea & Samaria. It would plague Israel's Soft Belly, including  Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, BenGurionAirport, Netanya, Hadera, Afula, Kfar Saba and Ra'anana.


2. Smuggling of Explosives Facilitated.   Three years ago, Israel apprehended the missiles, weaponry and ammunition loaded "Karinne-A" boat.  The disengagement would facilitate many "Karinne-As", would severely erode Israel's intelligence and will provide the PA and Hamas with Hizballah-style capabilities.


3. Tailwind to Terror.  PA's Muhammad Dahlan: "Disengagement constitutes a key achievement of the Intifadah" (February 22, 2004).  Hamas: "Disengagement would lead to the return of the 1948 refugees, bringing an end to Zionist occupation [including Jerusalem, Galilee, Negev, Haifa and Jaffa]" (August 15, 2004).


4. Egypt’s Role?  Egypt considers Palestinian terrorism a cost-effective means to erode Israel's tenacity. It has facilitated the smuggling of weaponry, ammunition, missiles and explosives to Gaza.  Poverty-stricken Cairo has launched a military procurement campaign, designed to become a potent threat to Israel. Egyptian hostility, revealed during the Oct. 2004 Taba Massacre, attests to Cairo's attitude toward Israel and toward Islamic terrorism. Egypt's education system features anti-Jewish hate-education, and its school books are used by the hate-mongering Palestinian Authority. Egypt has poisoned Israel's relations with the UN, Africa and Persian GulfStates.


5. Israel’s Water Resources Threatened. Uprooting Jewish communities in northern Samaria would require a multi-billion Shekel investment, in order to develop alternative water resources. Exploiting the Samaria Aquifer, by the PA, would increase salination, would destroy the agriculture and would dismantle the Jewish communities of Israel's northern valleys. The resulting need for desalination facilities would deepen Israel's dependency upon importation of expensive energy and would exacerbate security risks (Israel's Water Commissioner, "Globes", September 27, 2004).


6. Economic Burden. The intensified missile and terror threats would require more large scale costly military operations in Gaza and northern Samaria, would drive away tourists and airliners, would escalate reparation to victims of terror and missiles, would freeze infrastructure projects, would decrease human services budget, would aggravate unemployment and would raise taxes.