Awarding Anti-US Hate Mongers with an IndependentState?

Straight from Jerusalem Cloakroom #160, May 12, 2004

1.  Palestinian Authority’s (PA's) top Muslim clerics instigate the Iraqi People, and the Muslim world, against the US. PA's chief Muslim cleric, Mufti Akrameh Sabri: "The US epitomizes and leads evil and arrogance, threatening Islam... The US has introduced plunder and murder into Faluja and other parts of the globe, where the US is robbing Islamic resources...  All Muslims should pray for the souls of the martyrs [homicide bombers] in Iraq and in Palestine..." (April 23, 2004 sermon at the Al- Aqsa mosque, broadcast live via PA TV and radio).   PA's top cleric, Youssef Abu-Sneina: "The Iraqi People is stronger than the US enemy, and will deal it an unforgettable blow... US occupation aims at looting Muslim oil and resources..." (April 18, 2004 sermon at Al Aqsa mosque, PA TV and radio).


2.  THE  PA/PLO HAS SYSTEMATICALLY SIDED WITH ANTI-US elements, such as Khomeini, Saddam, Bin-Laden, No. Korea, USSR, Cuba, as did the Palestinian mentor of the PLO (Haj Amin Al-Husseini), who collaborated with the Nazis. The PLO spearheaded Saddam's 1990 invasion of Kuwait, in spite of the brutal pressure by Bush-Baker, on Israel, to recognize the PLO and freeze settlements.


3.  PALESTINIAN TERRORISTS CONFRONTED U.S. TROOPS IN AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ, as an extension of PA/PLO's subversive operations in the Persian Gulf and beyond. PA's top cleric Muhammad Jamal ostracized the Gulf States for their collaboration with the "US enemy", begging Allah to "plague the Gulf States with misery and affliction, destroy their oil reserves and palaces, and relegate them to poverty and tents." (February 27, 2004 teachings at Al Aqsa).  On March 5 Jamal added: "Muslims who provide bases to the US enemy are condemned as infidel...THE SATAN OF THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, the US, has defied Allah and humanity..." On April 2 he cursed "Muslim leaders who take instructions from the BIG SATAN... " On April 18 Jamal accused Iraq's new leadership of "facilitating the murder of children, old people and other innocent civilians by the US."


4.  PA CLERICS ACCUSE THE U.S. OF CONSPIRING AGAINST ISLAM.  PA's lead cleric, Abu-Sneina: "All Muslims should stand up to US conspiracies, which are falsely packaged as a campaign against terrorism and for freedom and liberty... The US has orchestrated the murder of hundreds of Iraqis in the bombings in Kerbala and Baghdad... The US aims at triggering a civil war among Iraq's Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds and other groups..." (March 5, 2004 Al Aqsa sermon, PA TV and radio). 


5.  K-12 HATE-EDUCATION IN PA SCHOOLS, MOSQUES AND MEDIA - launched since the 1993 Oslo Accord - HAS REFLECTED PA IDEOLOGY and has been the ENGINE DRIVING HOMICIDE BOMBING. The International Criminal Tribunal in Rwanda (ICTR) sentenced Rwanda media executives to 35 years to life imprisonment, for poisoning the minds of the Hutu majority against the Tutsi minority, thus fueling mass murders.  What should be the sentence against PA/PLO political and ideological leadership, which has established a manufacturing line of homicide bombers for the next decade?!


6.  Why would the US award PA/PLO hate-education with a proposed state and with an annual $70MN-$100MN foreign aid to Palestinian NGOs, which are controlled by the PA/PLO, just as were Iraqi NGOs during Saddam's regime???