Abu Mazen - A New Palestinian Regime?

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #171, November 26, 2004

1. The US would not legitimize anyone from Bin Laden’s or Saddam’s regime. A prerequisite for free elections, for a moderate Palestinian regime, and for a durable Israeli-Palestinian accord, is the elimination of the rogue PLO/PA regime, the role model of terrorism, inter-Arab treachery, corruption and suppression of Palestinian human rights.


2. Just like Taliban and Ba’th terrorism, Palestinian terrorism has not been a personalized problem (Arafat), but rather a regime problem (PLO/PA/Hamas). Japan and Germany were transformed into peaceful nations, upon the drastic dismantling of their rogue regimes. The “old guard” was not allowed to partake in the new regimes.


3. Abu Mazen and Abu Ala’ have been with Arafat at the top of the Fatah, PLO and PA regimes, since the late 1950s. They were active in the Muslim Brotherhood (mentor of Hamas), which caused their flight from Egypt. They starred in subversive acts in Syria (1966), Jordan (1970) and Lebanon (1970-82), which forced their repeated expulsion. With Arafat,

they spearheaded the 1990 Iraq’s plunder of Kuwait, matching his radicalism at Camp David (2000).


4. Abu Mazen handled the financial/logistic aspects of the 1972 Munich Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes. He steered pre-1989 PLO ties with ruthless E. European regimes and the USSR, wrote a thesis on Holocaust Denial at Moscow’s Lomoomba University, co-managed PLO hijacking of Western planes, the rape of Lebanon and the murder of US ambassadors (1972).


5. Abu Mazen, Abu Ala’, Dahlan and Rajoub led - with Arafat - the pro Saddam and pro Bin Laden PA propaganda machine until Saddam’s demise, hailing the 9/11 terrorism.


6. Abu Mazen and Abu Ala’ engineered a series of PA-Hamas understandings, which succeeded the 1993 Oslo Accord: (a) PA/Hamas joint strategy (Israel’s elimination) is advanced by tactical accords with Israel, by diplomacy and by terrorism; (b) Palestinian unity supersedes any agreement with Israel; (c) End PLO-Hamas fighting and escalate

anti-Israel “resistance.”


7. Abu Mazen and Abu Ala’ have introduced, along with Arafat, the anti-US and anti-Jewish hate-education to PA schools (k-12), mosques and media - the engine of homicide bombing.


8. Abu Mazen, Abu Ala’, Dahlan and Rajoub are nicknamed “Mr. 20%” for the kickback, which they extort for doing business in the PA.


9. Abu Mazen, Abu Ala’, Dahlan, Rajoub have assisted Arafat in masterminding unprecedented hate-education, terrorism, deception, systematic and violent abrogation of commitments, repression of Palestinians and corruption. Dahlan and Rajoub head PA “security” units, which have exceeded Hamas’ terrorism.


10. The PA is not the solution; it is the problem. Legitimizing PA leaders - in defiance of their horrific track record - constitutes a victory to wishful thinking over moral clarity. It vindicates global terrorism, deters moderation, precludes free elections and undermines

the cause of peace.