Abu Mazen’s Achievements

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #177, May 19, 2005

Will the White House welcome Abu Mazen in view of the following achievements? Will Congress tolerate foreign aid, which would reward the following achievements? Would the US welcome and assist an Iraqi/Afghani leader, who would demonstrate such achievements?


1.  TERROR INFRASTRUCTURE UPGRADED.  Abu Mazen has utilized the "ceasefire" (which chopped Israel's counter-terrorism operations by 90%!), in order to upgrade the infrastructure of Palestinian terrorism, to accelerate the smuggling of missiles and explosives, to regroup Palestinian terror organizations, to extend the range - and improve the precision - of PA missiles (illegally manufactured and smuggled into Gaza, and shortly into Judea & Samaria).  Abu Mazen has not dismantled terror organizations, led by the PA's "security organizations" and by Abu-Mazen's Fatah Brigades.  Abu Mazen has not apprehended the weaponry and ammunition of PA and Hamas terrorists, let alone the terrorists themselves.  Abu Mazen has not fought Hamas terrorists; he has integrated them into the PA terror/"security" organizations, thus protecting them from Israel's security forces.


2.  ANTI-US PRO-SADDAM EDUCATION PERSISTS VIA PA-controlled mosques, media and schools. Abu-Mazen-subsidized daily, Al Quds, rejoiced (May 13, 2005) US losses in Iraq and mocked US fear of terrorism.  The Abu-Mazen-controlled daily, Al-Khayat Al-Jadida, published on May 1, 2005 birthday greetings to Saddam Hussein: "Blessing to Saddam Hussein the faithful, the legal President of the Iraqi Republic, on the occasion of his 68th Birthday... We wish him... to free the Arab nation from enslavement by [U.S.] foreign imperialism."  Ibrahim Mudayris, the prominent PA clergy from Gaza: "Allah will get rid of the USA... He caused Russia to disappear, and He can remove the USA and bring it down...We used to rule the world and we shall rule it again" (May 13, 2005 sermon, broadcast live on Abu Mazen-controlled PA TV and radio). Just like all PA-paid clergies, Mudayris is pro-Bin Laden, pro-Saddam.  Abu-Mazen does not apprehend the terrorists, who murdered 3 American officials in October 2003 in Gaza.


3.  CHILD ABUSE.  Abu Mazen, the architect of PA hate-education, has brainwashed the minds of K-12 children, as evidenced by PA school textbooks.  He has featured children on TV programs, in order to draft more youth to the ranks of suicide bombers. 


4.  ANTI-SEMITISM EDUCATION SUSTAINED.  "The Jews are the ones who provoked the Nazis and incited the world to fight Germany...Thousands of prophets were murdered by the Jews...The Jews are a virus similar to AIDS..."(Ibrahim Mudayris, PA TV and radio, May 13, 2005).


5.  SETBACK TO PEACE (IT'S NOT THE SIZE - BUT THE EXISTENCE - OF ISRAEL).  Surrounded by maps, flags, insignia and emblems, depicting the whole of Israel as part of Palestine, Abu Mazen inaugurated the 57th anniversary of the Naqbah ("Catastrophe") - the 1948 establishment of the Jewish State. He urged his People in Gaza and in the West Bank never to forget their right to return to the "Palestinian homeland" (pre-1967 Israel). Abu Mazen's innovation: A siren sounded in the PA territory at noontime on May 15, mourning Israel's 1948 establishment on "Palestinian soil". Re-enforcing Abu Mazen's message, Ibrahim Mudayris declared on PA TV and radio that "The establishment of false state of Israel was the loss of the Muslim nation...Israel is a cancer... (May 13, 2005). Abu-Mazen's Bureau of Statistics published a special report for the "Naqbah": "[In 1948, Israel] occupied more than 3/4 of Palestine..."


6.  HERALDING HOMICIDE BOMBERS.  Abu-Mazen provides monthly allowances to parents of homicide bombers and holds them in high esteem.


7.  Welcoming Abu Mazen to the White House would be in sharp contrast to the values and principles guiding US moral war on terrorism.  It would constitute tailwind to terrorism, a reward to hate-education, a blow to Palestinian moderation and to peace, a setback to vital US values and interests.