“Disengagement” – the Impact on US interests and Middle East Instability

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #167, September 09, 2004

1. The Mideast perceives "Disengagement" (from No. Samaria and Gaza) to be a retreat, cut & run, appeasement, rewarding terrorism and uprooting of Jews, rather than a moderating step.  In a region which tolerates only deterrence-driven (rather than concession-driven) peace – as evident in inter Arab relations - "disengagement" would mean a setback to peace and a tailwind to terrorism. US interests and values are best served by conducting a Mideast policy based on realism and facts, rather than on wishful-thinking and myth. 

2. Most Israelis realize the inherent deficiencies and threats of "Disengagement".  They understand that "it" would exacerbate terrorism, would produce more missiles on more Israeli towns and would undermine personal and national security. A most elaborate June 26, 2004 poll on "Disengagement" was conducted by Israel's prime pollster, Dr. Avi Dagani (Geocartography Group), at a time of an intense campaign on behalf of disengagement, while the opponents were silent.  Results of the poll prove that opposition to "Disengagement" is more solid today than it was upon the announcement of the May 2004 Likud Referendum.  Opponents started their campaign with a 20%-30% deficit, ending with a 20% edge (http://www.acpr.org.il/cloakrm/clk163.html ).

3. The 1993/4 "Disengagement" from Gaza and 40% of Judea and Samaria has created the largest terrorist base in the world, exporting Palestinian terrorists to Afghanistan and Iraq, and threatening the survival of the pro-US Hashemite regime.  The July 2000 Israeli "Disengagement" from So. Lebanon has propelled Hizballah from a local to a regional stature, haunting US GIs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another "Disengagement", by Israel, would further destabilize the Mideast and would exacerbate regional and anti-US terrorism, dealing a severe blow to vital US interests, bringing war closer and peace farther (http://www.acpr.org.il/cloakrm/clk161.html ).

4. "Disengagement" is the latest edition of the Land-For-Peace (L-F-P) philosophy.  L-F-P claims that Israel (0.2% of Arab League territory – not including Iran -  which is 150% and 130% larger than the US and Europe respectively) should cede its scarcest asset, territory (11,000sqm), while the Arabs are expected to accord Israel, that which they have yet to share with each other, compliance and peaceful co-existence.  L-F-P has been at odds with Mideast reality, logically, strategically and morally, at least, since 1993, causing unprecedented anti-Jewish hate-education and terrorism, driving Jews and Palestinian farther apart from each other (http://www.acpr.org.il/cloakrm/clk165.html).

5. "Disengagement" would facilitate the establishment of a Palestinian State, which would be controlled by a rogue regime, the PA/PLO - the role model of Muslim and global terrorism, treachery, homicide-bombing, systematic violation of commitments, corruption, oppression and persecution of Christian Arabs.  A Palestinian State would fuel anti-US sentiments, would threaten pro-US regimes, would bolster anti-US dictators, would add another anti-US vote at the UN and would severely undermine cardinal US concerns and values (http://www.acpr.org.il/cloakrm/clk149.html ).

6. Gaza has been an integral part of the Land of Israel.  During 135AD-600AD, when Rome prohibited Jewish pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Gaza and Tiberias substituted Jerusalem as a pilgrimage site. The Jewish community (settlement) of Kfar Darom was re-established in 1967, resurrecting the Jewish community of the Talmudic era (3rd-4th century) and that which was forced out by Egypt's invasion of 1948 (http://www.acpr.org.il/cloakrm/clk166.html ).