Sanctions against Iran - Not an Option, February 21, 2012

The term “effective sanctions” against Iran on the one hand and global political reality on the other hand, constitute an oxymoron, playing into the hands of Iran.

Preempt Iran -- At All Costs!, January 31, 2012

The discussion about the cost of a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities is valuable only if intended to advance the attack and neutralize the possible retaliation by Iran and its allies. However, such a discussion is harmful, ignores precedents, plays into Iran's hands and threatens Israel's existence, if it reflects hesitancy, skepticism and fatalism, aiming to preclude preemption, and assuming that Israel can co-exist with a nuclear-armed Iran.

The Iranian Nuclear Maze, November 11, 2011

The assumptions that tougher sanctions could deny Iran nuclear capabilities, could pacify Iran's nuclear programs, and could produce a regime change in Teheran, defy reality.

Iran – Delusion vs. Solution,7340,L-3926519,00.html, July 29, 2010

Western policy-makers grow increasingly-reconciled to co-existence with a nuclear Iran. They assume that, notwithstanding the radical rhetoric, the Iranian leadership is pragmatic, cognizant of its limitations, unwilling to expose its people to devastating Western retaliation and considering nuclear capabilities as a tool of deterrence – and not as an offensive weapon – against the US, NATO and Israel.


However, a nuclear Iran would constitute a clear and present danger to global security and peace, which must not be tolerated.  In order to avert such peril, it is incumbent to disengage from illusions and engage with realism.


Unlike Western leaders, the Iranian revolutionary leadership is driven by ideological and religious conviction, bolstered by ancient imperialist ethos:

De-Linking the Iran-Palestinian Linkage,7340,L-3876368,00.html, April 15, 2010

With the advent of the Washington Nuclear Summit, it is incumbent upon Prime Minister Netanyahu to refute the notion that a linkage exists, supposedly, between the campaign to deny Iran nuclear capabilities on one hand and the Palestinian issue on the other hand.

The Iran Threat

Jerusalem Cloakroom # 234, March 07, 2010

1.  Iran's super-goal: Domination of the Persian Gulf and its natural resources.


2.  Iran's super-enemies: Those who undermine Iran's super-goal.

Iran – The Israeli Challenge,7340,L-3786726,00.html, October 07, 2009

The options of deterrence and retaliation are not available in face of the Iranian terror regime, which sacrificed hundreds of thousands of its people during the 1980-88 war against Iraq. The only option available is that of military prevention and preemption.

The Self-Destruct Iran-Palestinian Linkage,7340,L-3713083,00.html, May 08, 2009

In May 1948, Secretary of State George Marshall bullied Prime Minister David Ben Gurion against declaration of independence. Thus, he professed a supposed linkage between the establishment of the Jewish State and the denial of Arab oil supply to the US, on the eve of a potential world war between the US and the USSR. It was Ben Gurion's defiance of pressure, which helped clear-thinking Americans to refute the baseless linkage.

In May 2009, the US Administration intends to roll Israel back to the 1949 Lines, including the repartitioning of Jerusalem. In order to pressure Israel, the Administration contends an ostensible linkage between the stop-Iran-campaign and the Palestinian issue. Just like its 1949 predecessor, the 2009 linkage aims at misrepresenting Israel as a peace obstructionist, which harms US national security.

IRAN TARGETS THE USA, March 23, 2009

The prevention of a nuclear Iran constitutes a top US national security priority.  It sheds light on a special aspect of US-Israel relationship: defiance of mutual threats.

The Syria-Iran Axis: A Critical Alliance; Not A Marriage Of Convenience

Jerusalem Cloakroom #222, March 13, 2009

1.  Irrespective of the Arab-Israeli conflict and Israel's existence, the ties with Iran constitutes – for the ruthless Assad regime – an indispensable financial, diplomatic and military means of survival.  The Syria-Iran axis bolsters Assad's policies on the most critical fronts: Domestic, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Russia and the USA.  Assad's fundamental interests conflict with fundamental US values and interests.

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