The Palestinian-North Korean Connection

“Israel Hayom,”, June 12, 2017
North Korea has identified the significant, long-term, geo-political synergies between the Palestinians and Pyongyang. Hence, their systematic/elaborate geo-strategic cooperation.

Online Video Seminar: US-Israel relations and the Middle East (40 6-minute videos with facts unreported by the daily media), June 04, 2017 Please watch – and consider recommending/sharing – my online video seminar on the following topics:

Shavou’ot (Pentecost) guide for the perplexed, 2017

More on Shavou'ot and Jewish holidays:, May 29, 2017 Shavou’ot is a spiritual liberation holiday, reflecting the 3,500 year old triangular linkage between the land, Torah and people of Israel. 

The June 1967 Six Day War - mega bonus to the USA

“Israel Hayom,” , May 24, 2017 The expanded strategic cooperation between Israel and the USA, as well as Israel, Saudi Arabia and other pro-US Arab Gulf States in 2017 has its roots in the June, 1967 Six Day War.

Secretary Tillerson's political correctness

"Israel Hayom,", May 19, 2017 Procrastination on the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem would be interpreted as US retreat in the face of Arab pressure and threats, eroding the US posture of deterrence, triggering further pressure and emboldening anti-US Islamic terrorism.
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