Secretary Tillerson's political correctness

"Israel Hayom,", May 19, 2017 Procrastination on the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem would be interpreted as US retreat in the face of Arab pressure and threats, eroding the US posture of deterrence, triggering further pressure and emboldening anti-US Islamic terrorism.

Israel’s economy surges against all odds

Straight from the Boardroom #219, May 03, 2017 Israel’s economic growth since 2008 is almost twice the OECD average.

Convergence of US-Israel national security interests

“Israel Hayom,” , April 28, 2017 Contrary to conventional wisdom – and traditional State Department policy - US-Israel and US-Arab relations are not a case of zero-sum-game.

Israel - US Relations: a mutually beneficial bilateral bond

Israel Institute for Strategic Studies YouTube: , April 23, 2017 Israel is a unique ally of the US in face of the Ayatollahs of Iran and Islamic terrorism and in the attempts to bolster
the pro-US Arab regimes. 

Video #40: Perplexing Middle East labyrinth vs. Western policy

YouTube 6-minute-video on-line seminar on US-Israel and the Mideast:, April 14, 2017 Prof. Fuad Ajami: Middle East reality constitutes "a chronicle of illusions, despair and politics repeatedly degenerating into bloodletting.” 
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